Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hey Gang!
Been having trouble using my own blog account. So far, here is what is cooking. I've asked a comedy club in L.I. to remove my name from it's open mic listing, as I was given an open opportunity to leave several months ago. Like the way that was put, "an open opportunity to leave."  Asked them twice, lets see what happens. 

Next: some whiny cunt (male-worst kind) mentioned my emails are filled with complaints.  Take a look below at the genius' email to me.... It's below. Check out the spelling of the word "went" in his email.  I send these posts because everyone seems to enjoy them. 

Next: I am not getting booked as often at certain clubs. Has very little to do with my act, more about politics. Example. A club on the Upper West Side has continually promised me spots. However managment fears me, as I'm able to run a comedy club, any club; with my eyes closed. So they would prefer not to have me around, they fear for their jobs. This is not my opinion, it is the result of much study and research. Even the owner of a major comedy club told me once, "sit on your porch, no one cares." Do something amazing, everyone takes notice, basically. Those who have the least to offer, fear the most. 

Stolen Idea: I have been producing a series of shows, and some tard took my idea, and found an ally, they are both running with it. My options: rise above the "sewer" once again; and crush my unworthy advisaries, lol.

Underground Lounge: Shows are going very well, however allot of work. Thanks to a solid group of assistants, we have the best Underground Show in the City.  

Used, and then left behind: I've allowed myself to be used by a club owner/manager. By getting spots, and not helping other people; basically being held hostage for a spot or 2. It's amazing how cheaply I have sold myself. Imagine if I didn't need anyone for time, I'd be dangerous, wouldn't I? Allowing myself to be manipulated by anyone for stage time is over. These people have created a monster, lol.

I've allowed the quality of my life to disintegrate, mainly for Comedy spots. Time to make a change, be more in control of my life;  past, present and future. I've done most things on my terms. Ex: ran a "ethnic" show at a club on the upper west side. Advised management not to book anyone else. They did not. Funny how club management trys to reward people who wouldn't waste the urine by peeing on their grave. I like to reward people who would pee on my grave! lol- wait your turn!!!

Who do I like in the business? Anyone who is a human being, not a self serving sycophantic low life (ok, enough about me). Only Club owenr  who has not fucked me in years of doing business? He's in Suffolk county Long Island, Take a guess?

Ok gang, enjoy the new year! 

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