Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Old Geoff Kole is Dead, gone forever

No longer getting too upset. Was so up against it this weekend. Owner of a place I work with continues to try and crush my spirit, even if if do a grand in business for him in 1 night. That's one-thousand dollars, yes you heard it correctly. 

God help me if I ever do that to people. I've worked for alot of people who enjoy ruining people's lives. Gangster, Gangster wanna-bees. Who knows. It's time to stop taking crap from Monsters and not support their efforts. If you work for animals, find other work. Create a resistance movement. Unfortunately they have infultrated many levels of Government as well as Municipalities. Hopefully this note will start a silent rebellion. this goes for waiters, show producers ect. IF THE GANGSTERS CARE ABOUT SHOWBUSINESS, THEN STICK WITH THEM. THE OLD DAYS new that type of Hood. They were lovable guys if you flew straight. this new breed of Hood is unlike anything we've known. They are leftovers or children of Hoods. Less clout however use fear. Eastern European hoods are another story. Stay away, clear and far away. They have alot of power and were in Government. Stay away. As for the local greaseballs.....just be polite. Move on.

This weekend I had a party that arrive 1 1/2 hours late. you heard me correctly. Then I had a bartender complaining, then the music was too loud, does it ever end. I'm to book parties however everyone's head is up my butt all the time. God save me, I say it to myself all the time, somebody save me, please!

So I was saved, survived the evening, got home around 6am, no tip from the client(ain't that special?) Not my problem- it's theres. they don't know better- god help them. 

I missed a family event because of that party, I was sick in the AM. Heart sick. Being made to feel like an imbecile by the owner, under the thumb of the bartender, at the effect of security and the client. I was so miserable....HOWEVER i taught me to just let go, and let God. I feel so much better, stronger now. I don't care what any club owner does anymore. I'll own my own one day. And or work for those who care about me. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

What a nice weekend! :)

I'm going to clean up my language on the blogs and offer resolution to my rants- there needs to be a way let's go

first, I'm avoiding dealing with other people's problems, by understanding my own had gotten me into a problem with them in the first place. Recently a Librian who enjoyed flirting with me told her boyfriend...yes, I'm the evil one she needed to be saved from. After exchanging emails with her boyfriend that could have led to my wearing "county blues" and eating 3 sqares behind bars, I decided to cut off the comments, did a "my bad" and moved on. Took responsibility- even if she wears see-through skirts with a thong and flirts doesn't mean she wants more than a distant friendship- geepers! NOT FAIR LOL

NEXT- a mean angry  Troll with no life(my bad lol) tried to get me to comment on facebook after his dopey remark- i didn't fall for it...sorry Comedy Troll! 


First- the postive: I have a great bunch of guys helping out. I won’t mention names it’s not polite. My door guys are  great comics, and helpful. One of my steady guys runs karaoke shows, and he’s amazing as well. Another dude has developed a nice act, and is very helpful- tests me a bit however an honest decent guy. However he loves Banannas (my bad lol!). and White woman ! OMG!!! Luv ya bro!!! not the trouble...

Recently had a total sicko comic almost ruin a show. I cut their time by 2 minutes, which was a gift. They had no business being on the show in the first place. 7  in the audience walked out in discust from this act. The remaining were so annoyed by the garbage they saw it took them 10 minutes to recover through the next comics set. Guess who that was? lol

This "pleasant human being"  then blames me and the room. Truth is...They were right, I booked them. It’s my fault for trusting such an imbacile. Ok, let’s get positive again. I want to do a shout out to C who runs an amazing show at NYCC Fri/Sat. His host M.W.,  is professional, polished and smart. Ron, great to see you too! Midnight shows check em out.


L.I. shows. I’m finally back in Long Island. Wondering how that’s going to go. Dave and Busters is an amazing venue. Had some bad blood with some L.I. club owners recently. Not my fault, nor there's actually. Ok,  They used me, then abused me, then showed me the light- meaning time to go. I’m not mad at them, I choose to be abused, put myself in that situation.  In their mind they were kind. And they are right somewhat. The pay was good, the treatment was good, for a while. However I was spread so thin around so many different places, I’m sure they had had enough of this "disloyalty." fact is I was loyal, just spread thin, helping everyone. Not being more of a company man. However I did nothing different, so there was nothing knew about doing things different.


I’ve worked for horrible people before. They weren’t horrible, just not in my corner. Who is really, if your not family, your not in I guess. I do miss them however would not permit anyone to abuse me or ruin my shows. Many clubs try and ruin people by placing horrible acts on shows. A bad act can be “burned” once a week, not every night! Geepers!


So I’m back on L.I., with family- yes  family. I just hope I don’t get run off the road, lol. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009


 Recently a Comic asked for some time on my Underground Show. This person has gone over everytime, and gone over by 4 minutes at other clubs. I hate that like the plague! So, I remind them when they seek another spot. Suddently I've done a horrible thing. How dare I bring this up? Gee...I don't know, perhaps because I'm in charge?

Now I have to deal with having another unhappy ego centric overly sensetive person without regard for what I'm doing on my mind. And just what am I doing? Earning little pay, putting people up who need spots, growing as a comic, having to deal with overgrown children who blame Daddy when they crap in their pants. I am not angry, and do not fight w/ anyone anymore. However I'm still getting into arguments with too many. Why? Because I'm not playing the game correctly. Sometime people do not deserve a reply.  They are good people, however their actions don't warrant it. So now after that comic fucked up repeadidly I now feel bad because they won't allow me to run my show on my terms. What terms are they? We all respect eachother, and the show. When you see the light, get the fuck off stage. Try blowing the light by 3 minutes at Gotham, see how they like it. 

At this point on no more emails to comics I won't work with. Nothing good ever comes out of it. As much as I hate it when bookers won't return my calls, or emails. I understand fully why they do it. So now I've decided to become more like the people I have promised not to emulate. Why? Because some people ruin everything for the rest of us. However to error is human- so why not love them? I will, as long as the hug doesn't go over the light by 3 minutes 

Monday, April 6, 2009

A day in my life

Much too loud! I'm at the Underground lounge and they keep playing music so loud! I love the place but what is it with everyone:? Must everything be loud? I'm going to work with the Bloomberg campaign and move my way up the Political ladder. First rule of business...make sure music in bars is kept in check. Lost some hearing do so negligence of bartenders. What is wrong with them? Too much power:? must be that bottle opener in your back ass pocket. /that would get me drunk with power too. 

I'm being more positive in my life. Result...a brand new opportunity in the comedy business. Recently a Club really fucked me over. Ruining my shows, and yelling at me because they kept fucking up. So, now I'm running my own business with great promotion. Time for me to make my money. No longer putting up with crap. Funny, a club I';m working wants me to help make them money, yet they continue to sabbotoge my efforts. Why? Because the Comedy business if fucked up. Made up of come good people, however also with some real doushbags, weak individuals who are either failed comics, or failed human beings. 

some clubs and owners have their shit together. One guy, who owns 2 clubs on the upper west side, is a friend. I have looked out for him and his family, and he appreciates it. His wisdom has helped me grow immeasurably. I was speaking to him the same I hate the way others speak with me. 

Money- well, it's been tough, working my ass off and getting more of it. funny how I have worked for people over the years who use money and stage time as weapons. One guy i remembger ran a club a and wouldn't  put me on stage. All the  while I'd se others get booed off stage. Reason being he didn't  want to book people who worked for a club, making money for that club. Meaning- if your a useless fucktard that asswipe would book you. but if you make that club money, sorry- we can't have you fullfil your life's dreams here. I  want you to suffer like I  do on the inside. That piece of shit was the type who can  run clubs. Miserable loosers with no life who hold onto what little power they have. Many are missing teeth- total shitbags. However if your missing teeth that does not mean this is about you. 

Another type of asswipe is one who promises me stagetime and doesn't deliver. You don't won't me on your stage, or your bosses stage you maggot, fine. However don't promise me something without any intention of following through you fucking asshole maggot low life scumbag. I will do what I have always done doushbags with no life, no future- go around you. Fuck you! 

Oh yeh, just kidding :)  

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's been a long time so listen up!

I've been getting coached not to mix my business ranting with my blogging. Great idea. My good friend the Doctor, who ain't really a fucking doctor lol, but a good friend, along with my other friends TJK, Josh, and someone else....?

I'm so fucking angry these days. Money is tight, and I don't want to deal with it. It pains me to remove money from my savings account. Yet I am in a position where I really need money. Comedy is going great, however it's tough. I have decided to take a part time job with a club to make somone money. I get there, and it's not even set up properly for me. More sabototoge. It seems everyone trys to get over on eachother in New York. We are fast becoming a third world nation. 

Tonight, I had 2 comics go over by 3-4 minutes, and another comic arrive with 15 minutes left in my show. What is wrong with these people? Of course one of them will probably get a tv show because of a few dumbasses without integrity pulling the strings. Or, perhaps all that matters is what sells? sometimes that is what counts. Time for me to stop being such a nasty angry person and simply go along with things. 

I'm going to move forward, in a positive direction, and become happy, content, rich and famous.