Sunday, May 24, 2009

my life this last week- or so

I'm wondering why I attract crazy woman. I don't mean hot sexy/crazy woman. I mean woman that are sickos. I'm on my 5th stalker already. Most recent one stalked me from inside a building where she works. I often go there to read the periodicals. It's a public space. I keep forgetting this part of the country breeds sicko. However woman continue to impress me with the high level of intelligence they posess. The really evil ones can pick a guy and manupulate the heck out of him. Recently happened to me. I hope this guy doesn't plan to come after me, I really hope he doesn't. He's all ego and and doesn't realize that she will turn on him eventually.  More than 50% of all relationships end. That's not great odd. 

I love woman, especially since learning about the story of Passover. In addition woman are such highly intelligent beings and I finally figured out how lovely yet how dangerous some can be. A huge respect and fear- yes sorry the Kole man is human; yes fear of some woman is normal and healthy. 

The comedy busienss is proving to be quite a challange. I have to get over my entittlement. Recently I did a show, and the club manager put up a guy he would like to have sex with after i went up on stage. So much unprofessionalism around me, so many sickos, so much..wait..maybe i'm the wierdo lol. Actually, after 15 years of advanced training, I am able to dissociate my feelings from my actions.  I loath abusive people and am continually preventing others from crossing my boundries. 

Problems with abusive people. Had an experience on Ebay recently; the seller was nasty and hostil. I called him on it, then he decided to cancel the sale after whining to Ebay. I'm fine with that. Nasty people create many problems. If you can't deal with them from the beginning, god forbid a problem comes up. You may have no choice but to deal with screwed up people now, however keep setting boundries and don't let their problems become your for that much longer. 

Moving forward: I'm making more money, planning to take a few road trips, and am in the process of meeting very powerful people. I was invited recently to speak at the Nations top High School on my experiences in the Entertainment business. Having made it while maintaining my integrity is not easy, but I've done it.  Each day is another milestone. No longer will anyone who simply sucks oxygen away from those who contribute value affect me. Time to continually move foward, upward, onward. Damn the torpedos!!!!!! Fulll.....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

why do i attract weirdos?

Because I feel that is what I deserve I suppose. Recently a psycho who I have avoided speaking with, called the Police, then the next day the Fire Department on me. The EMS guys came to take me to a "Hospital." Yes, against my will they would have. 

No trial, no questions. Just because some "confused" chick told these guys I lit my own tickets on fire in the bathroom of a NYC public building. She was a typical Fem- Fatal. I never asked her out, touched her or did anything inappropriate. We were even friends for years. Her boyfriend was so nasty and abusive as well yet I backed off. Why argue over someone who is trouble. You can tell people like this a mile away. Be careful, stay away from abusive  people. 

I have inquires pending and will certainly do my best to educate those who don't have a kind and decent thought process. My family told me to drop this, and or be careful. However I was minding my own business and was attacked for no reason. Whose to say this woman would not make something else up? No investigation, just an accusation. I have all records and am covered. I do not hate this woman, nor her boyfriend. I've been a target for abusive people.  I tried to help them both as well. However if you stick your hand in a Tiger cage you will get bit. Even if you are friendly. 

All is going very well, inspite of any non-sense.  Don't look for trouble, however sometimes trouble finds you. Innocent victims of war and violence are hurt all the time. The bullies of the world take full advantage. I'd love to just live my life, away from cruel and difficult people. Howevever sometimes we have no choice as the cards are dealt for us. 

Seek not revenge on anyone: seek the truth and shower people with love. Those who try and hurt you, respond with equal force; nothing more, nothing less.