Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why the same thing keeps happening to me

It's been a long week. I ran my "road" open mic showcase and ran a great show.I realize I've become very cynical. A good friend pointed this out to me; a girl friend. Yes, a woman who I am not having sex with. it bothered me at first, however I like this woman.

Last week I had some friends come out with me, to perform. The club was nearly sold out, and I was paid well. They don't care really, as they are probably hoping I quit. Why? Because it's about ego, power and revenge. I choose to bypass some local guys and went right to the city. Never paying attention to the people who stayed local and made it their home. I hated where I was and wanted to be in NYC. I'm beginning to feel resentful about several things. First is I keep building up a nice business, then people with less smarts than me tear it down. This is my problem and my creation. 

Comedy clubs such as the Cellar, Gotham, Comic Strip for example will only hire the best comics, for the most part. Yes favors, spouses, friends at times have an advantage however that is not the norm, it is the slight exception. Other clubs hire great comedians as well however will barter a bit more. One club I worked for put up a comic that was so bad everyone wondered what to do about it. Everyone was afraid to say something as the owner was not a kind chap. I always spoke my mind, and others eventually followed suit. 

Now I'm in a tight spot. Trying to move my career forward while doing battle with those who seek to hurt people. Myself being one of "those people." I continue to find myself in situations where I'm surrounded by those who create upset feelings, in themselves and others.  One guy took pictures of me in a jacuzzi when I was babysitting a few kids. The girls felt ashamed after this because someone explained to them that being in a jacuzzi with an adult male is bad, and wrong. I was angry my image was taken however more upset about the kids being made to feel like crime victims. They loved me and this odd behavior from the camera guy made them feel bad. Shame on him.

What do I need to do from here? Study my tapes, catch up on my paperwork, open businesses, such as comedy productions. As for getting revenge, I don't believe it. A major comedy club  in Times Square NY went out of their way to ruin my shows. I was averaging 75 people per week. At this point I would have had 200/week. However the guy who hired me used me to get to a woman he hired by mistake. She tried to ruin him, and used me as a pawn. Her lie; that I said she liked to take it in the ass. The manager of this Times Square space then fired me to cover his corporate butt. They all totally sold me out, in many ways. No A/C, overcharging me, yelling at my clients. 

I recently heard about a gross situation  outside NYC, one of the managers has been known to do  some pretty nasty things. Putting woman down, forcing them indirectly into sexual relations. Give it up, then get up on stage is how things work. I love woman, I love sex, however abusing any kind of power to get something is not the way I do things. I believe in having honor and integrity, and I believe in my future. I did some backround checks not everyone feels the same way. I can understand why people turn to the dark side. Comics can do that. Heck I understand why some managers do not care for me; I outshine them. They feel threatened by me. I don't know what to do about it as there is no way out. Producing shows forces management to look upon me as a Quarterback who runs w/ the ball; and they are the opposing line.

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It sounds like you're getting closer to breaking through and becoming a real success in every sense of the world. Continue to focus only on the positive. Destructive people end up destroying themselves and whoever is in their path, so just steer clear.