Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hey I'm back!

Greetings blogger fans. I've been paying off debt, riding my bicycle and getting on stage often. The Reece Organization has been very good to me, thanks Gentleman. In addition so has A.M of the Broadway Comedy Club. Another great person I've gotten together with is R.P of RPM Talent.

Some gritty info: Recently after medition I calmed myself down. I used to run a show and the club uptown NYC, nice venue. However after a while we all hated one another (owners and me) and then that was over.....Why? Mainly because I was not family, and perhaps I did not want to play by their rules. My business was off as well. However when waiting 4 days for a responces to move one something, perhaps some things are unable to get done. Things snowball then results are off. That is how companies get rid of people (one way). I allowed myself to be used and should have moved on years ago. On good terms with them though, and take responsibility for my being there. They were very good to me in many ways and that is what I left with; the good.

The Hurt, then the Growth: Had some friends who worked under me run shows there recently, after I was gone. I didn't mind however someone I thought was a good friend, waited till I was running a show elsewhere, had him on that show, paid! Then in the middle of that event he advised me he was running a show at the old place. Although this was planned weeks before, he waited till I was at my most vulnerable, then dropped the bomb. Had he run it by me weeks before, I would have wished him well. It is not my intention to hurt anyone. I work with and help the current managment to this day.

That insident, was very upsetting however after some medition, I was not angry, just hurt. The good news is I got over it. I did realize that person is not necessarily my friend, perhaps never was as friends don't do that to each other. However I've done that to "friends" and understand the Comedy Business attracts artists who share a common thread and friendship is not necessarily included.

The Exception is as follows: I had a best friend in the business, an honorable Reverend who now has 2 kids and lives in Los Angeles. I miss him so. We are still best friends and he is one of the greatest people I've ever known. I'm sure he'll run for congress one day; he better!

More good news....We come into this world alone and that is how we generally leave...I realized recently who my "friends" are, and who they are not. I am on good terms with that club listed above, and harbor no animosity towards anyone. Just wished I was advised of what was going on by my "friend." After helping guys out, sacrificing and stressing out I had hoped a little decency would have been shown. Feeling like a fool is not something I recommend, it's over-rated. However if Jesus, RFK, Malcom X, Ghandi (or Rodney lol) didn't get respect, why would I?

Ok- Bicycling; in love with it. Riding daily on the West Side Green Path in NYC is a dream. Did I tell you I broke my wrist? What a story that me for more info...this ones a dandy!

just want to tell you I've been doing great! Getting corporate offers of $1000 or more for corporate gigs, paying off debt and feeling great! c u all soon!!!!!:)

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