Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Malcom X and inspiration...Rambam as well!

Hey Gang
reading about malcolm x, awesome person. Too bad he had to go so soon. I feel as awesome as he was, there was much bad karma headed his way. Sometimes it's tough to escape your past. I wish he had lived. He and Robert Kennedy would have changed the world, for the better. His mistake i think was to cut the ties with his former mentor. His safety net was no longer in place. Good lesson for us all. Maintain ties with powerful people till you can crush them; little by little they say.

I'm performing much, dealing with management problems again. they like to hurt people. I say treat everyone as if they are your Mother or loved one. Sometimes these Animals forget that. They create or turn people into garbage then wonder why they are unable to get results from them. I will follow Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Gregory Pecks model. Create something for myself that operates with ideals, standards and integrity.

As for the Rambam, will have more on him later:)

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