Sunday, June 22, 2008

Watch out for stalkers...wait keep your d...k in your pants!

This is a repeated posting from earlier emails.....

Ok just because someone wants to fu...k me doesn't mean I have to drop by draws. It's tough when someone wants to have sex and saying no. Woman are good at this and w/o the fear of god a guy may not have a chance. Ok, this guy may not have one! lol

New posting...
beginning June 20th comedy shows were very successful. I'm getting offers from clubs to help them however I'm tired of making people money and walking away with my thumb in my butt. Going to play hardball not with them, but myself. Time for me to make money, allot of it. How...owning clubs, booking major events, and getting booked as well. F..k em' I'll make it w/o any hand outs however wouldn't mind an occationally bone (not boner bone!).

Giving spots..had some great comics these last couple of weeks. Some who run shows.
 they bullshit me thinking I don't know they run stuff however I don't care. My act is solid and if they don't want to return a favor no my problem, I'll get up and be successful no matter what.

Next series of blogs will be very interesting...stay tuned...G


sandshark said...

Hey geoff, im moving to NYC mid august for comedy. email me at and we can talk ok bro. see ya. dave

Geoff Kole said...

we'll be in touch thanks