Monday, April 20, 2009

What a nice weekend! :)

I'm going to clean up my language on the blogs and offer resolution to my rants- there needs to be a way let's go

first, I'm avoiding dealing with other people's problems, by understanding my own had gotten me into a problem with them in the first place. Recently a Librian who enjoyed flirting with me told her boyfriend...yes, I'm the evil one she needed to be saved from. After exchanging emails with her boyfriend that could have led to my wearing "county blues" and eating 3 sqares behind bars, I decided to cut off the comments, did a "my bad" and moved on. Took responsibility- even if she wears see-through skirts with a thong and flirts doesn't mean she wants more than a distant friendship- geepers! NOT FAIR LOL

NEXT- a mean angry  Troll with no life(my bad lol) tried to get me to comment on facebook after his dopey remark- i didn't fall for it...sorry Comedy Troll! 


First- the postive: I have a great bunch of guys helping out. I won’t mention names it’s not polite. My door guys are  great comics, and helpful. One of my steady guys runs karaoke shows, and he’s amazing as well. Another dude has developed a nice act, and is very helpful- tests me a bit however an honest decent guy. However he loves Banannas (my bad lol!). and White woman ! OMG!!! Luv ya bro!!! not the trouble...

Recently had a total sicko comic almost ruin a show. I cut their time by 2 minutes, which was a gift. They had no business being on the show in the first place. 7  in the audience walked out in discust from this act. The remaining were so annoyed by the garbage they saw it took them 10 minutes to recover through the next comics set. Guess who that was? lol

This "pleasant human being"  then blames me and the room. Truth is...They were right, I booked them. It’s my fault for trusting such an imbacile. Ok, let’s get positive again. I want to do a shout out to C who runs an amazing show at NYCC Fri/Sat. His host M.W.,  is professional, polished and smart. Ron, great to see you too! Midnight shows check em out.


L.I. shows. I’m finally back in Long Island. Wondering how that’s going to go. Dave and Busters is an amazing venue. Had some bad blood with some L.I. club owners recently. Not my fault, nor there's actually. Ok,  They used me, then abused me, then showed me the light- meaning time to go. I’m not mad at them, I choose to be abused, put myself in that situation.  In their mind they were kind. And they are right somewhat. The pay was good, the treatment was good, for a while. However I was spread so thin around so many different places, I’m sure they had had enough of this "disloyalty." fact is I was loyal, just spread thin, helping everyone. Not being more of a company man. However I did nothing different, so there was nothing knew about doing things different.


I’ve worked for horrible people before. They weren’t horrible, just not in my corner. Who is really, if your not family, your not in I guess. I do miss them however would not permit anyone to abuse me or ruin my shows. Many clubs try and ruin people by placing horrible acts on shows. A bad act can be “burned” once a week, not every night! Geepers!


So I’m back on L.I., with family- yes  family. I just hope I don’t get run off the road, lol. 

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