Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Old Geoff Kole is Dead, gone forever

No longer getting too upset. Was so up against it this weekend. Owner of a place I work with continues to try and crush my spirit, even if if do a grand in business for him in 1 night. That's one-thousand dollars, yes you heard it correctly. 

God help me if I ever do that to people. I've worked for alot of people who enjoy ruining people's lives. Gangster, Gangster wanna-bees. Who knows. It's time to stop taking crap from Monsters and not support their efforts. If you work for animals, find other work. Create a resistance movement. Unfortunately they have infultrated many levels of Government as well as Municipalities. Hopefully this note will start a silent rebellion. this goes for waiters, show producers ect. IF THE GANGSTERS CARE ABOUT SHOWBUSINESS, THEN STICK WITH THEM. THE OLD DAYS new that type of Hood. They were lovable guys if you flew straight. this new breed of Hood is unlike anything we've known. They are leftovers or children of Hoods. Less clout however use fear. Eastern European hoods are another story. Stay away, clear and far away. They have alot of power and were in Government. Stay away. As for the local greaseballs.....just be polite. Move on.

This weekend I had a party that arrive 1 1/2 hours late. you heard me correctly. Then I had a bartender complaining, then the music was too loud, does it ever end. I'm to book parties however everyone's head is up my butt all the time. God save me, I say it to myself all the time, somebody save me, please!

So I was saved, survived the evening, got home around 6am, no tip from the client(ain't that special?) Not my problem- it's theres. they don't know better- god help them. 

I missed a family event because of that party, I was sick in the AM. Heart sick. Being made to feel like an imbecile by the owner, under the thumb of the bartender, at the effect of security and the client. I was so miserable....HOWEVER i taught me to just let go, and let God. I feel so much better, stronger now. I don't care what any club owner does anymore. I'll own my own one day. And or work for those who care about me. 

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