Monday, April 6, 2009

A day in my life

Much too loud! I'm at the Underground lounge and they keep playing music so loud! I love the place but what is it with everyone:? Must everything be loud? I'm going to work with the Bloomberg campaign and move my way up the Political ladder. First rule of business...make sure music in bars is kept in check. Lost some hearing do so negligence of bartenders. What is wrong with them? Too much power:? must be that bottle opener in your back ass pocket. /that would get me drunk with power too. 

I'm being more positive in my life. Result...a brand new opportunity in the comedy business. Recently a Club really fucked me over. Ruining my shows, and yelling at me because they kept fucking up. So, now I'm running my own business with great promotion. Time for me to make my money. No longer putting up with crap. Funny, a club I';m working wants me to help make them money, yet they continue to sabbotoge my efforts. Why? Because the Comedy business if fucked up. Made up of come good people, however also with some real doushbags, weak individuals who are either failed comics, or failed human beings. 

some clubs and owners have their shit together. One guy, who owns 2 clubs on the upper west side, is a friend. I have looked out for him and his family, and he appreciates it. His wisdom has helped me grow immeasurably. I was speaking to him the same I hate the way others speak with me. 

Money- well, it's been tough, working my ass off and getting more of it. funny how I have worked for people over the years who use money and stage time as weapons. One guy i remembger ran a club a and wouldn't  put me on stage. All the  while I'd se others get booed off stage. Reason being he didn't  want to book people who worked for a club, making money for that club. Meaning- if your a useless fucktard that asswipe would book you. but if you make that club money, sorry- we can't have you fullfil your life's dreams here. I  want you to suffer like I  do on the inside. That piece of shit was the type who can  run clubs. Miserable loosers with no life who hold onto what little power they have. Many are missing teeth- total shitbags. However if your missing teeth that does not mean this is about you. 

Another type of asswipe is one who promises me stagetime and doesn't deliver. You don't won't me on your stage, or your bosses stage you maggot, fine. However don't promise me something without any intention of following through you fucking asshole maggot low life scumbag. I will do what I have always done doushbags with no life, no future- go around you. Fuck you! 

Oh yeh, just kidding :)  


Debi Nevel Drecksler said...


Here's some advice from Debi in North Carolina. I went back and read all your blogs...Try to remember that what you post online is out in cyberspace forever...Get as angry as you want but clean up your language...Because one day you will be enormously successful and you don't want all this coming back to haunt you. Trust my advice...

Geoff Kole said...

Your absolutely correct. I should remember my Toast Master days: thanks Debi!