Thursday, April 16, 2009


 Recently a Comic asked for some time on my Underground Show. This person has gone over everytime, and gone over by 4 minutes at other clubs. I hate that like the plague! So, I remind them when they seek another spot. Suddently I've done a horrible thing. How dare I bring this up? Gee...I don't know, perhaps because I'm in charge?

Now I have to deal with having another unhappy ego centric overly sensetive person without regard for what I'm doing on my mind. And just what am I doing? Earning little pay, putting people up who need spots, growing as a comic, having to deal with overgrown children who blame Daddy when they crap in their pants. I am not angry, and do not fight w/ anyone anymore. However I'm still getting into arguments with too many. Why? Because I'm not playing the game correctly. Sometime people do not deserve a reply.  They are good people, however their actions don't warrant it. So now after that comic fucked up repeadidly I now feel bad because they won't allow me to run my show on my terms. What terms are they? We all respect eachother, and the show. When you see the light, get the fuck off stage. Try blowing the light by 3 minutes at Gotham, see how they like it. 

At this point on no more emails to comics I won't work with. Nothing good ever comes out of it. As much as I hate it when bookers won't return my calls, or emails. I understand fully why they do it. So now I've decided to become more like the people I have promised not to emulate. Why? Because some people ruin everything for the rest of us. However to error is human- so why not love them? I will, as long as the hug doesn't go over the light by 3 minutes 

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Unknown said...

what's funny is no matter what you say or do, they are going to give you a hard time and call you names and cry and stomp on the ground. Even if they have NEVER done anything for you before and don't offer anything for the future. Reciprocation seems to befuddle the self centered, egomaniacle mental patients. These people should be rounded up and dropped off a boat in the arctic. Then when they thaw out in 1000 years, Humans will study them and find out how many assholes filled the earth back in the 2000's. I take comfort that a lots of cold metallic things will be shoved up their ass.